The bull of St Luke


Chapter 7: Overview

We begin as usual by considering the boundaries of the chapter. Therefore, look again at 7,1 which we considered with the previous chapter and then look at 8,1.
We can see how both 7,1 and 8,1 mark new beginnings and so we can read chapter 7 as a unit.

Now read through the chapter. Note the various episodes recounted by their opening lines. You will find that there are five altogether. Consider how the first two form a pair and how the second two are connected. The place of the fifth episode we will have to consider further.

Look at 7,11 and note the words which link the first two episodes. Consider how these two episodes are also bound by 7,1 and 7,17. We will be looking at this more closely when we come to our reading.

Now look at my response

Chapter 7 and the Sunday Gospel

The episodes of the centurion and the widow are read on the 9th and 10th Sundays of the Year. As mentioned in the response, that's why we will read them on separate pages.

The whole of the John the Baptist episode is omitted by the Sunday readings. The thread is then picked up on the 11th Sunday with the story of Simon the Pharisee at the end of the chapter (7,36-50).

We are now ready for our reading of the first episode, the encounter between Jesus and the centurion, Lk 7,1-10.