The bull of St Luke


Chapter 9: Overview

Chapter 9 is a long chapter which tells of the turning point in the Gospel as one phase of Jesus' mission comes to an end while another phase begins.

As usual therefore, have a general read through the chapter so as to spot the various episodes within it. Consider the new beginning in 9,1 and how it sets the scene for what follows.
Towards the end you will find a significant statement about Jesus's actions stressed by the evangelist. This leads into the fourth and final part of the chapter.

Then look for the various parts of the chapter which come before that. As usual, it is the text which must be our guide, look for changes of time, place, characters.

As part of the overview of chapter 8, we compared Luke's composition with Mark. This took us to the end of Mark chapter 5. So as to see the effects of Luke's editing, now do the same for these first three parts of Luke chapter 9. We have seen that Luke moved Mk 6,1-6 to chapter 4. Now compare Luke's story with Mark from Mk 6,7 through to Mk 9,40.
You will find that Luke has left out a lot of Mark. Where is Jesus in this part of Mark's story? Consider the reason for Luke's omission.

From this, consider the three pages we need for our reading of 9,1-50.

Now take a look at my response..

We are now ready for our reading about the Twelve in the first part of this chapter, 9,1-17.