The bull of St Luke



We begin by noting how chapter 10 begins and how it ends, 10,1 and 11,1. What sort of transitions do we find at the beginning and end of the chapter? What can we conclude for our reading?

Then read through the chapter and note the various episodes. Taking the second half of the chapter first, we can see where is a new beginning which is followed by two well known stories. We will consider later how the two might be connected.

Next, consider the more complex first part of the chapter. Read through to verse 24 and see how this part unfolds in four stages. Note the similarity with 9,1-10.

Why am I including verses 21-24 with the first part? Compare verses 23 and 16 and consider the focus that the two sections give to the whole passage.

From this, consider the pages we need for our reading of the chapter and where might an extra page be helpful.

Now have a look at my response.

We can now move on to our reading of the mission of the seventy, the first part of the chapter, 10,1-16.