The bull of St Luke


Chapter 14: Overview

Looking through this chapter, we can see that there two audiences. We will though see that there is continity in Jesus' teaching so this chapter has its unity.

In 14,1 Jesus is once again invited to dine at the home of a Pharisee (see 11,37). His teaching during the meal comes to a climax with the parable of the great banquet (14,15-24).

In 14,25 Luke widens the audience as we are told that great crowds were with Jesus.

Then, in 15,1 we find there is another change of audience and, as we will see, that chapter also has its own unity.

We therefore have two pages for our reading of chapter 14.
First, we have 14,1-24 which tells what happened at a meal; it is addressed to various Pharisees
The second is then 14,25-35 which is addressed to the crowds.

We can therefore begin our reading with the opening scene, where Jesus is once again with the Pharisees, 14,1-24.