The bull of St Luke


Chapter 13: Overview

We begin our reading of chapter 13 at 12,54 when Jesus turns to the crowds. When we read chapter 12 we saw that Jesus is giving a speech more or less uninterrupted from 12,1 through to 13,9. In the first part of the speech he was speaking to the disciples with the crowd in the background, 12,1-12,53. Now in the second part of his speech, 12,54-13,9, he speaks to the crowd directly.
Then, confirm that there is a new beginning in 13,10.

Look for the important comment by the evangelist later in chapter 13 which opens another stage in the journey.

Look through the second half of the chapter and consider its unity and its two parts..

Confirm that there is another new beginning in 14,1.

Now take a look at my response.

We can now continue and read Jesus' speech to the crowds, 12,54-13,9.