The bull of St Luke


Chapter 20: Overview

Look first at the beginning of the chapter: how is it marked as the opening of a new stage in the Gospel? Recall that we have seen how 19,47-48 and 21,37-38 form a bracket around this presentation of Jesus teaching in the Temple in chapters 20 and 21.

Then compare Lk 19,47-21,38 with Mark's account: Mk 11,27-13,2. What has Luke added, left out, shortened?

To whom is Jesus speaking at different points in this chapter? How is the theme set in the first confrontation and then unfolds in the others?

Note where there is a change of audience at the end of the chapter. What does this tell us about 20,41-44; who are "they" in verse 41?

Consider including 21,1-4 with chapter 20. How does 21,2 pick up on 20,47? Note the new beginning in 21,5.

Then look at my response and the reading plan that results.

From this, we can now read the chapter beginning with Jesus being challenged about his authority, Lk 20,1-19.