The lion of St Mark


Condemnation, Death and Resurrection: Mk 15,1-16,8

We have already noted that chapter 15 can be read as a story complete in itself. We now take the story a step further by reading right through to the final and unexpected ending of the Gospel story at 16,8.

How much time does this story take? Note the various references to time in the two chapters (see 15,29).

What title is given to Jesus in this chapter which has not been used earlier in the Gospel? Apart from Jesus, who dominates chapter 15? What is he not called (se Mt 27,2)
Then look for the phrase that echoes through the chapter.

Which verses therefore form the first scene of the chapter? What is happening there?

The second scene may need some discerning. It's best spotted by noting the group of people who are central to what happens in the middle of the chapter, especially at the beginning but also at the end.

Then look at how the last part of the chapter, 15,40-47 can be read together with the brief account of the resurrection in 16,1-8. Where do these final two scenes take place? Who do we find making their appearance in the Gospel for the first time and are central to these verses? We have two scenes here, what separates them?

Then take a look at my response.

Reading Plan

As a result of our explorations, three pages will cover our reading:

Let us now begin our reading of the chapter with the Roman trial.