The lion of St Mark


Chapter 12: Overview

Jesus is in the Temple throughout this chapter. We saw when we read chapter 11 that Jesus entered the Temple in 11,27 and that he will finally leave in 13,2.

Beginning with 11,27-33 which we have already read, look at all the different groups who are addressed by Jesus in these verses. Is there a pattern? Are the disciples involved?
Then what is the change after verse 34? Why do I continue on to 13,1-2? Look at 13,3.

How then can we read 12,38-13,2?

There are matters here which need to be considered in a response.

Chapter 12: Reading Plan

From our explorations, we can now read the chapter as follows:

The last page bundles together the last four parts of the Temple visit after Jesus has taken the initiative (12,35).

We can now move on to read the second episode of the Temple visit, the story of the tenants and the vineyard, 12-1-12.