The lion of St Mark


Chapter 10: Overview

Chapter 10 begins with a major travel direction (10,1) and chapter 11 opens with another even more significant one (11,1). Chapter 10 therefore gives us a complete unit for our reading.

On the Way: Mk 8,27-11,1

With those two travel directions, this is a good moment for us to record the other travel directions provided as Jesus proceeds towards Jerusalem.
Look therefore through from 8,27 to 11,1 and note the evangelist's comments about Jesus' location or movements.

As a result, you will see that all the episodes within chapter 10 are introduced by comments about the journey.
For 10,17, compare with Mt 19,16. Consider as well the NRSV translation of 10,17, 10,32, 10,46 and 10,52.

A number of different characters appear in this chapter. Who are Jesus' main conversation partners, his main focus of interest?

It's time for a response.

Chapter 10: Reading Plan

The travel directions we have noted give us our reading plan for this chapter:

We now move on to read the first part of the chapter, 10,1-16.