The lion of St Mark


Chapters 11: Overview

The chapter begins with a solemn arrival in the Jerusalem area (11,1). Where does he arrive in the city itself? Check that rest of story of the Gospel takes place in Jerusalem.
Look through the text to 14,12 and note the indications of time which are given by the evangelist. Look at John 12,1 to see what Jesus does not say in 11,1. Why is this important?

Then read through chapter 11 and note how Jesus moves around. Where is he at the end of the chapter?
We have what is by now a familiar arrangement to be found in the middle of the chapter. There is something odd here too. See Matthew 21,18-19.
How then does chapter 11 lead into chapter 12?

Then take a look at my response and our reading plan for the chapter.

We can now continue and read about the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem, 11,1-11.