The lion of St Mark


Chapter 3: Overview

We have seen how the first episode of this chapter, 3,1-6, concludes and brings to a climax the sequence of five confrontations between Jesus and the Pharisees and scribes (2,1-3,6). The Pharisees and Herodians are now plotting to destroy Jesus (3,6).

Yet, the Gospel story continues from verse 7. Two episodes (3,7-19) come next which are best read together. The first takes place by the sea (3,7) and provides a summary of Jesus' ministry. The second takes place on the mountain (3,13) where Jesus calls the Twelve, his inner group of disciples.

In the second half of verse 19 there is another change of place: Jesus came home. How verses 20-35 form a unit we will see in due course. The theme is set in verse 21 where Jesus' family is introduced.

Chapter 4 then opens a new phase in the story because it begins with the phrase "On another occasion...".

We have as a result three pages for our reading of chapter 3:

Let us now read the last story of the series of confrontations, 3,1-6.