The man of St Matthew



Chapter 28: Overview

We need to begin by considering the continuity between chapters 27 and 28 which was mentioned in the overview of the Passion.

There, we noted the continuity of setting, that everything is based on one place from 27,57-28,15. Who are the characters and events in the first part of this chapter who provide the continuity with the burial of Jesus at the end of the previous chapter?

Read through chapter 28 and see how the chapter divides into two main parts for our reading. What is different about the final verses? How is the first part of the chapter framed? For this, you will need to look back to the previous chapter.

Then have a look at my response.

Matthew first introduced the women in 27,55-56 as witnesses to the death of Jesus. Then they were witnesses to the burial of Jesus (27,61) and now they are witnesses to his resurrection (28,7-8). Their key role at this final stage of the Gospel is notable.

We are now ready to read about the events at the empty tomb, Mt 28,1-15.