The man of St Matthew


Chapter 10: Overview

Jesus in chapters 5 to 9 of the Gospel has been established as Messiah by word and deed. The focus now shifts to "his twelve disciples" (10,1 & 11,1) and the way the mission of Jesus applies to them.

We begin as usual with a preliminary read of the chapter, beginning in 9,35 and picking up clues as to its development. Note how the discourse by Jesus is marked, the second of the five. Where does the discourse end?
Look for the formal phrase repeated three times. Look also for clusters of repeated words and phrases. Try to gather the evidence before continuing.

When we looked at chapter 9, we concluded that it would be better to cross the chapter boundary at the end so that we read 9,35-10,4 together. Read again through these verses and see how they fit together.

Look at 10,1 and 11,1 and then at 10,5. What is common to these three verses?

From this, see the extent of Jesus's second discourse. To whom is it addressed?

See how the first part of the discourse ends in verse 15 followed with a new beginning in verse 16 (this may be clearer in some translations than others).

You may have noted the phrase of verse 15 which is repeated in verses 23 and 42.
What pronoun dominates verses 16-23? This establishes the second part of the discourse.

Consider therefore how verses 24-42 form the third part of the discourse. For this, consider how the theme of the opening verses also concludes the dialogue. What is the connecting word?

Then look for the three sections in this part.
Note how verses 26-31 are bound together by the same imperative phrase, repeated three times. How then are these verses linked to verses 24-25?

That leaves us with verses 32 to 42 as the third section of this third part. To whom are these verses addressed? What pronoun appears only once in these verses? Note the phrase ending the discourse in verse 42 which has already appeared twice.

Sunday Gospels

Have look at the Sunday Gospels for the 11th, 12th and 13th Sundays in Ordinary Time and see how they fit in with our reading of the chapter.

Then take a look at my response and see our reading plan.

We can now begin by reading the beginning of the chapter with the transition from chapter 9 into chapter 10, 9,35-10,4.