The man of St Matthew


Chapter 22: Overview

Pharisees, Sadducees and a few Herodians

Our overview of Jesus' time in Jerusalem showed that chapter 22 is a second stage in the confrontations between Jesus and the various Jewish leaders which began in chapter 21. The opening statement that Jesus answered and spoke to them again in 22,1 shows there is continuity while the evangelist's comment in 21,45-46 marks a break.
All the confrontations of the two chapters then end with another comment by the evangelist which provides a clear conclusion at the end of this chapter, 22,46.

Now read again through chapter 22, as part of the earlier overview you noted the various scenes with the different audiences. See how different Jewish groups are taking it in turn to try to trap Jesus (22,15.35) before Jesus makes his final response at the end, 22,41-46.

Reading Chapter 22

From this, the chapter can be read in four pages according to the audience:

22,1-14: The parable of the royal wedding feast which sets the scene for this second stage.
22,15-22: Pharisees with Herodians, questioning Jesus about taxation.
22,23-33: Sadducees, asking about the resurrection.
22,34-46: Pharisees again, first testing Jesus about the greatest commandment of the law (22,34-40).
Jesus then questions them about the son of David `(22,41-46).

We can now begin with our reading of the parable of the royal wedding feast, 22,1-14.