The man of St Matthew


Chapter 12: Overview

We begin by reading through the chapter, making a list of its various episodes.
Note the prominence of one group of people and their attitude to Jesus. Consider how this chapter might be seen as a commentary on 11,30.
How in contrast does the chapter end?

From the beginning of this chapter, 12,1, Matthew has joined Mark's story so read Mark from Mk 2,23-3,35. List the incidents in Mark and compare them with those of Matthew. Note where the two Gospels are much the same and but then see where Matthew has changed Mark considerably. That will make clear the part of chapter 12 we need to look at more closely.

In comparing the two Gospels, take special note of 12,14 and Mk 3,6 as well as 12,22 and Mk 3,20-21. What has Matthew added in 12,15-21? Note at the same time how 13,1-3 and Mk 4,1-2 make the same announcement.

Note that the response Jesus gives in the two Gospels is longer in Matthew.
Note too the passage which Matthew has marked with the same phrase at beginning and end.

Consider what conclusions can be drawn and how we may read the chapter.
Then take a look at my response.

We are now ready to begin our reading of the chapter with the sabbath controversies, 12,1-14.