The man of St Matthew


Chapter 4: Overview

The chapter begins with the temptation of Jesus in the desert, 4,1-11. This as we noted earlier is a follow up to the baptism as Jesus' commitment is tested. This will be our first page for reading this chapter.

The remainder of the chapter, 4,12-25, brings Jesus back to Galilee (4,12) and is followed by three short scenes setting up his ministry there:

These scenes give us the second page for our reading of this chapter.

The summary of Jesus' teaching (4,23-25) at the end is special to Matthew. We will see its significance as we read.
Look at this point how Matthew has expanded seven verses in Mark (Mk 1,14-20) up to fourteen verses (4,12-25).

We can move straight on to begin our reading about the testing of Jesus, Mt 4,1-11.