The eagle of St John


Reading the weekday Gospels March 2020

A guide from Patrick Fitzgerald-Lombard O.Carm

Monday March 30

The first four days of this week, Monday to Thursday, provide a reading of chapter 8 of John's Gospel
Monday though is different because in Sunday years A and B, the story of the woman is read today, 7,53-8,11. My reflections about this Gospel are on the parish site because it is a unique stand alone episode.

In Sunday year C, the Gospel of the Woman is read on the Sunday. That itself shows the importance of this episode for the Church.
Only in that year therefore is Jn 8,12-20 read on this Monday even though it is an integral part of what follows.

In Jn 8,12-20, Jesus' conversation partners are the Pharisees (verse 13) as they are at the end of chapter 7 (7,45). Only in 8,22 are the Jews mentioned again.

Despite the change of audience, there are good reasons for reading Jn 8,12-59 as a whole. The change of audience is not significant, Pharisees and Jews are so close in this Gospel.

We will therefore comment on the whole of this confrontation between Jesus and the Jews on the next page.