The bull of St Luke


Scribes and Widows: Lk 20,45-21,4

Note the common theme in these verses: see 20,47 and 21,2.3. What is the contrast being set up here? See 6,20.24.

Compare the opening in verse 45 with Mk 12,38 so as to see Luke's distinctive phrasing.

The criticism of the scribes is the same as Mk 12,38-40, except for one detail. Luke has already used similar language: see 11,43 and 14,7-11.

Widows are a frequent theme in the book of Deuteronomy. See Dt 10,18 and 14,29, for example. In this Gospel, they have already appeared several times. 7,12 for example and especially 18,1-8.
For greater judgement, see 11,31-32.

In 21,1, note how Luke has altered Mk 12,41: what is the effect?

Given the contrast between the wealthy donations and the widow's "all she had" in 24,2-3, consider if her generosity to be praised or regretted.

Then take look at my response.

From this, we now continue into chapter 21 to read Jesus' final discourse.