The bull of St Luke


To Caesar or to God: Lk 20,20-26

Read through these verses and then compare them with Mark's version, Mk 12,13-17. Note especially Luke's editing at beginning and end.

Who are "they" in verse 20 (see verse 19)? Who might be those "pretending to be righteous"? We have noted earlier why they are not named. Compare with Mk 12,13 or Mt 22,15 and note how Luke has written this verse. See 11,53-54. The last line is especially significant. See 18,32.

We can note the irony in verse 21.

How is the question in verse 22 crafty (verse 23)? Notice the emphasis added by Luke (Mk 12,14). How does either answer trap Jesus? Note again verse 20.

How does verse 24 implicate the questioners? What status does Caesar claim by his image and name? What does Jesus do? (A slightly tricky question perhaps but the point is important)

How are we to understand Jesus' answer in verse 25?

How has Jesus maintained his authority in verse 26?

Then look at my response.

The Sunday Gospel

As this encounter occurs in all three Synoptic Gospels, only Matthew's version is heard as a Sunday Gospel: 29th Sunday, Year A.

We now continue to hear how the Sadducees tried to discredit Jesus, Lk 20,27-40.