The man of St Matthew


Chapter 19: Overview

We begin with the first verse, 19,1 where as we noted in the previous chapter, Matthew brings the discourse to an end with his usual phrase.

The evangelist then refers to Jesus' route. Have a look forward and see how the route is marked out in chapters 19 and 20. Take note of 19,15. Where does Jesus finally arrive in 21,1?

A series of teachings begin in 19,1. We can now see how they conclude at 20,16.

What is especially noticeable about 19,1 to 20,16 is the way that Matthew has put brackets around the various units. This is a helpful, indeed important, guide to our reading because the evangelist is telling us what we need to hold together.

From this we can draw up our reading plan which will take us into chapter 20.

Look now at my response and our reading plan.

We can now continue to our reading of the chapter beginning with Jesus' teaching about divorce, 19,1-15.