The man of St Matthew


Chapter 17: Overview

When we looked at chapter 16, we saw how 16,13-17,13 form one passage with four scenes. We have now read the first two scenes as part of chapter 16, 16,13-28.
The second two scenes, 17,1-13, will be the first page for this chapter 17. This is the scene of the Transfiguration, 17,1-8 which is followed by the discussion about Elijah and John the Baptist as they were coming down the mountain, 17,9-13.

There follows the healing of the epileptic boy, 17,14-20 where the crowd is present.
Verse 21 is regarded as a later addition to the episode and so omitted.

We will read this episode as our second page.

Note how there is a new beginning in 17,22 with the gathering in Galilee. A second prediction of Jesus' fate then follows, 17,22-23. The final scene which is unique to Matthew about the payment of tax takes place in Capernaum, 17,24-27. We can read the two episodes as our third page for the chapter, 17,22-27.

With those thoughts, we can start reading with the Transfiguration and the discussion which follows, 17,1-13.