The man of St Matthew


Chapter 4: Overview

The chapter opens with the testing of Jesus in the desert, 4,1-11. This as we noted earlier is really a follow up to the baptism. Mark makes the connection more strongly than Matthew: in Mark, the Spirit immediately drove Jesus into the wilderness (Mk 1,12)

The remainder of the chapter then brings Jesus back to Galilee (4,12) with three short scenes setting up his ministry there:

  1. 4,12-17: Jesus' arrival in Galilee
  2. 4,18-22: the call of the first four disicples (Mt 3,18-22)
  3. 4,23-25: A summary of Jesus' teaching

The summary of Jesus' teaching (4,23-25) is special to Matthew. We will see its significance as we read.
We can also note how Matthew has expanded seven verses in Mark (Mk 1,14-20) up to fourteen verses here (4,12-25).

The chapter is therefore straightforward so we can move straight on to begin our reading about the testing of Jesus, Mt 4,1-11.